Skyhopper  v.1.0

Design Skyhopper antennas. Skyhopper is intended to help anyone intrested in designing Skyhopper antennas. The Skyhopper antenna was named after the first one was compared to a grasshopper. The antenna is basically a quad opened up on the bottom.


Design capacitors for antennas and matchers. CAPACITORS calculate capacitance for different capacitors.


Quad Antenna Design  v.3

Quad Antenna Design will help you in designing quad antennas, help amators, students or engineers in their telecommunications development.


CIR-POL OMNI is for circular polarized antenna design. Although originally designed for 137.5 wefax reception, circular polarized antennas can make nice standby omni antennas to monitor band openings, both horizontal base,

GAMMA  v.1.0

GAMMA match your home-brew antenna. If you dont have the means for measuring reactance, resistance and capacitance on your antenna,

YAGI  v.1.0

YAGI can help you to design multi element YAGI antennas. The yagi-uda antenna is the most recognized antenna. It produces maximum gain but requires tweaking for the number of elements. This software uses different formulae for 2,

QHA  v.1.0

Quadrifilar Helicoidal Antenna Design. QHA enable you to design quadrifilar helicoidal antennas. The software has 6 variations of the design,

Seven Element Quad Calculator  v.1.0

Helps in designing quad antennas.

PDLII  v.1.0

PDLII is design for the Avanti PDLII Quad antenna. It enable you in designing and Avanti PDLII Quad antenna. The Avanti PDLII Quad (tm) of the 70s was known for its outstanding performance.

CIR-POL  v.1.0

CIR-POL is for omni circular polarized antenna design. This design scales well across all bands up to 250 mhz. Beyond that the pattern starts to increase in elevation and points skyward. It would be possible to use it on 440 for satellite work.

Feedlines  v.1.0

Design feedlines with this application. Feedlines help anyone to design home brew feedlines and hardlines.


Simplified Omniquad antenna design. OMNIQUAD assist you in designing Omniquad antennas. The omniquad is a very simple but outstanding standby vertical antenna. The main advantage is the extreme bandwidth. Make all the dimensional errors you want,

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